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Do you have an old building that was built before the 1970s?

If so, it’s possible that your building contains asbestos. This deadly substance has been banned for decades but is still found all around us and can be deadly if not detected or handled properly. Our team of experts at Test Lab provides asbestos testing services to help you get peace of mind so you know your home, school, office, or another building is safe from this lethal substance. Call today to schedule an appointment! We provide our customers with peace of mind by providing them with professional asbestos testing services.

You can rest easy knowing we are here for you when it comes to getting rid of any dangerous substances in your home or business. We offer a wide range of services including air quality testing and mold inspections as well as other types of environmental assessments too! The safety and health of yourself and loved ones should always come first which is why we’re committed to helping people just like you feel confident about their homes again after working with us on these issues. Get started today by calling (512) 634-9000!

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    1. Asbestos is a mineral that was used in the past for insulation, fireproofing and building materials

    ​​Asbestos is a unique material that has many advantages and disadvantages. One of these properties makes it fire-resistant, which means your home can be more secure from the fiery hazards in front of us all too often nowadays! As you may know already: asbestos doesn’t melt at high heats as some other materials do – so even if there were an unexpected flame or welding operation going on near one collar level where this mineral was used (which would usually cause them to catch fire), nothing bad will happen because they won

    Asbestos is a popular choice for fireproofing building materials and textiles because it has an extremely high melting point. For this reason, you can find asbestos in products like firefighters’ suits or construction workers’ masks as well home goods such as kitchen tiles that are intended to reduce the risk of fires from occurring at cooking times when people may be nearby!

    2. Asbestos can cause cancer if ingested or inhaled

    It’s also known to cause health problems when people breathe it or come into contact with it on various jobs like construction work. inningale is a dangerous substance that can cause health problems like mesothelioma if ingested or inhaled. It’s also known to have an adverse effect on people when they breathe in its fumes during projects such as construction work, which makes it important for all those who may come into contact with this material (including employers)to take precautions against exposure so their own well being isn’t affected by what could happen later down the line.

    Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that affects the uterus, bowel and lung tissue. The symptoms are similar to those caused by other conditions so at first people may ignore them or mistake their ailment as just another minor issue. Most patients with mesotentia have had these signs of illness for months before being diagnosed which means you could be suffering without knowing why!

    Please keep in mind that the follow symptoms can are very often caused by other conditions, and you should not let yourself be frightened by this article! Instead. Talk to your local health care provider so a more educated diagnosis can be given.

    Symptoms of mesothelioma of the chest include pain in one side of the chest or even the lower back, which are very common symptoms for a number of other health issues. Shortness of breath or a cough can also be signs. A feeling of not being able to swallow your food, or having difficulties swallowing in general is another. Another possible symptom is hoarseness in the voice, another very common condition for a multitude of much less serious conditions.

    Mesothelioma of the abdomen or intestines is known as Peritoneal Mesothelioma. Some of the symptoms include a pain or swelling in the abdomen, caused by fluids. This can in turn cause constipation, nausea and vomiting.

    The heart itself can also be affected, causing pain in the chest, a heart murmur or irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath. This is knows as Pericardial Mesothelioma.

    Other, more general symptoms are things like a decreased appetite and weight loss, fatigue and sweating or fever, and even blood clots.

    3. Contrary to popular belief, asbestos is not banned in the United States.

    To this day, asbestos is still used in everyday products such as clutch discs, brake blocks, roofing materials and more. There was a bill introduced in 2002 that would ban the use of asbestos in America, but it didn’t pass in Congress. More than 50 countries, including the UK, Israel, and Canada have banned the use of asbestos.

    This hasn’t stopped continued importation and use of asbestos in the USA, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. Despite information being released about the possible health risks of asbestos as early as the ‘70s, it’s still used in many everyday items that regular people use in their day-to-day lives.

    The catch? It can only make up less 1% of the product’s materials. In fact, in 2018 alone, a whopping 750 tons were imported into the United States! Fortunately, there are strict regulations that make sure this harsh chemical doesn’t become the threat it is in older homes and businesses. These regulations were put into place by OSHA and the EPA in the early ‘70s in order to limit the widespread exposure to these toxic fibers.

    4. There are many ways you can be protected from exposure to asbestos at work or at home

    For example, where employers require their workers to be in close proximity to asbestos, they must establish areas that are closely regulated. Things like air handlers make sure that the levels of airborne asbestos stay extremely low, and certain safety practices are closely followed by crews.

    Administrative directives are put into place to make sure that employees are properly provided with all the safety gear required, such as respiratory protection. Medical staff also keep a close eye on staff, making sure to check out anybody who exceeds the legal exposure time.

    Testing methods such as Phase Contrast Microscopy are used to analyze samples in work areas to determine their exposure levels, The only issue with these tests is that any type of fiber can technically trigger a false positive. A microscope is the only true way to determine whether a fiber contains asbestos or not. The only problem here is that it cannot be used in the case of determining the air concentration of particles in any given space occupied by workers.

    A plethora of different types of asbestos testing methods are utilized to determine a workspace is safe, far too many to list here. Click the link above to learn how you can keep your employees safe.

    5. The best way to protect yourself is through intelligent removal of the materials in question

    Be careful when doing anything to disturb old asbestos products that could release dust into the air. These dangerous remains of a bygone era can be hazardous to your health and should not be handled without protection!

    Asbestos can be found in many older building materials. As far as the ceiling, insulation and ceiling tiles can have varying degrees of asbestos present. Fortunately, these materials can typically be removed from the area with relatively little destruction to the property and its finished surfaces.

    The insulation in ductworks and some pipes can also be infested with this potentially deadly mineral, and a considerably more destructive task awaits when clearing out these types of building materials. The joint compound that hides the joins in the edges between drywall panels can have dangerous levels of asbestos present, as well as the panels of drywall themselves.

    Another very common part of the interior of your home that we see commonly in the Austin Texas area is actually in the texture that sits on top of the drywall panels of your home. Not only are popcorn ceilings very commonly found to contain the infamous fibers that are so feared by families that purchase homes built before the 1980s, but even the texture of the walls themselves can be tainted. We often see crow’s foot texture in these older homes, something that is not only no longer fashionable for this day and age, but a sure sign of the age of the home.

    For more information about where you can expect to find asbestos in your home, read this article titled Asbestos In The Home.

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